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Express Positioner Rx

The Express Positioner is designed with our most popular features to take the guesswork out of ordering the appliance.

This appliance will be fabricated as standard with the following features:

  • Mini size, molded with medium Crystal Flex┬« material-Molded airways
  • Full set-up (within limits of appliance capability)
  • Flat occlusal plane
  • Average hinge-axis
  • Braces removed if present
  • Retained space for Bonded Retainer (if present)

This is my first case with TP Orthodontics


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Clear will be default if no color is marked.

Block Upper Right

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Approve Digital Setup

This custom-made device is manufactured to satisfy the design characteristics and properties specified by the prescribing doctor for this specific patient, and is intended for the exclusive use of the named patient.